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Lost / Stolen Debit Card or Unauthorized Transactions

To report your card lost or stolen or to report unauthorized transactions, please contact (716) 665-3799, Option 2 during business hours, or 888-241-2510 during non-business hours. 

Branch Phone Directory

Providing outstanding member service is our Mission and we believe our new enhanced phone system with an auto attendant is a step in the right direction. The goal is to help you reach the right person at the credit union as quickly as possible. This will help you avoid situations of being transferred multiple times and having to explain your situation or concerns to multiple people.

Phone Directory

Falconer: (716) 665-3799
Jamestown: (716) 488-0910
Dunkirk: (716) 366-8150
Mayville: (716) 224-4201

Option Department
Press 1 General Inquiries and Transactions
Rings all Teller Stations
Press 2 Debit Cards or Electronic Services
1 - Report your debit card lost or stolen
2 - All other debit card inquiries
3 - Assistance with electronic services (digital banking, text banking, bill pay)
Press 3 Loan Department
Rings all Loan Officers
Press 4 Financial Solutions & Collections
Rings Jody Radack & Jody Vine for:
- Loan concerns
- Dormant account issues
- Checking account issues
- Vehicles, home, etc. for sale
- GreenPath 
Press 5 Office Hours & Locations
Recorded message by branch
Press 6 24-Hour Voice Response Unit (VRU)
Transfers to Automated Phone System
Press 7 For Assistance in Spanish
Press 8 Repeat Options
Press 9 N/A
Press 0 All other inquiries
Rings all Teller Stations


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