From April 1st - April 30th

We challenge our Youth Members to Get Saving, Get Reading, Get Fit and Give Back for your chance to WIN AWESOME PRIZES!



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Not a Member? No Problem! We proudly welcome ALL who call Chautauqua County "HOME"!

New Member Drawing All youth age 18 and younger, who join GCFCU in April will be enteredto WIN $50 CASH!

Baby Membership (Newborns - 1 year old ) GCFCU deposits first $5 into a Share (savings) Account to open the membership!

Earn slips for Billy's Auction: 

Full prize list below

All youth members age age 18 and younger are invited to participate in Youth Month for a chance to WIN GREAT PRIZES! Simply complete the Savings and Community Challenge Punch Cards and the Fitness and Reading Challenge Calendars located in your Newsletter.

Youth Members age 2 and younger... Earn drawing slips to Billy's Auction for a chance to WIN the awesome prizes highlighted on the prize list!

The more you complete, the more drawing slips you will receive to place int he bags for Billy's Auction.

Grab an Activity Packet for more fun ways to earn drawing slips! Pick up your packet in a GCFCU location or print below !

GRAND PRIZE = Receive 1 Grand Prize drawing slip for a chance to win a 14’ Trampoline or 4 Tickets to our Summer Picnic at Darien Lake on August 19th for each completed Challenge Card and Challenge Calendar you turn in! 2 Grand Prize Winners will be drawn. 1st drawn has first choice. (Max. 4 drawing slips)

Activity Packet to print

2023 Auction

For the Adults:

Adult Challenge Drawing Track your minutes spent doing the Reading and Fitness Challenge Calendars with your youth participant. Complete 100+ minutes for both Challenge Calendars to receive a drawing slip for your chance to WIN $75 CASH! 

Adult CASA Pinwheel Drawing Members ages 19 and older will have a chance to WIN $50 CASH for donating to this local fundraiser (purchasing a $1  Pinwheel Card or $2 Garden Pinwheel) when visiting our offices. $ donated = # of  drawing entries!! 100% of Proceeds benefit CASA of Chautauqua County, Inc. to  support child abuse prevention treatment services in Chautauqua County!



Members age 3-18 will receive the Youth Month Newsletters in the mail April 1st!


2023 Youth Month Newsletter   



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A special THANK YOU to all participants of our Annual Youth Month Program!