Same Day Availability

  • Cash
  • Electronic Deposits made via ACH
  • Checks drawn on GCFCU
  • US Treasury checks payable to you
  • Federal Reserve Bank checks
  • Local payroll checks payable to you
  • Wire transfers
  • NYS, County, City, Village or Town checks
  • Other items with a face value of $225 or less

Next Day Availability

  • Cashier/Teller checks (verified)
  • Certified checks (verified)
  • Money Orders

2nd Day Availability

  • All checks not deposited in person at a teller station; includes items placed in the night depository, deposits made to a GCFCU ATM, items received via mail, etc.

Exception Holds

  • New Member / Inactive Accounts
  • Canadian Checks
  • Redeposited Checks
  • Large Deposits (without funds to cover item(s)).
  • Deposits to overdrawn accts or accts with excessive NSF’s in the last 6 months.
  • Reasonable Doubt of Collectability (fraud, kiting, etc.)
  • C.U. Emergency Conditions (power/internet outage, etc.)

We attempt to make all funds available as soon as possible, but if we in good faith, doubt the collect-ability of funds, we reserve the right to make funds unavailable until collected by us.