Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2024 Super Bowl Pool by swiping your GCFCU Debit Card as CREDIT!!

Congratulations to the 2024 Pool Winners… see Winners List below.


Every January, claim your square(s) at any Branch Location for your chance to WIN CASH! 




Falconer Grid

Jamestown Grid

Dunkirk Grid

Mayville Grid


Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page Monday.





How to claim a square

  • Use your GCFCU Visa Debit Card as a "Credit" transaction at least twice in January
  • Bring in 2 receipts to claim 1 square to any of our offices
  • Pick your square for a chance to WIN...



  • Excludes ATM withdrawals.
  • Maximum of 2 squares per cardholder per grid.
  • When you stop by one of our offices to pick your square(s), you will receive a Player’s Card with a code that represents the square(s) you pick.
  • Numbers will be drawn randomly after all squares are filled.
  • An email will go out to members once the digital grids are available to view below.
  • Once grids are available below, compare the numbers on your Players Card!

Player’s Card

Players Card


Congratulations 2024 CASH Winners! 

  • 1st Quarter Score ($25): Shelly C., Jessica H., Cleste H., and Emanual R.!
  • Half-time Score ($50): Shelly Q., Kathleen P., Darren P., and Audrey L.!
  • 3rd Quarter ($25): Shelly Q., Kathleen P., Darren P., and Audrey L.!
  • Final Score ($100): Karen B., John M., Martin B., and Julio C.!

2023 Winners

  • 1st Quarter Score ($25): Tristan J., Audrey L., Lian B., and James B.!
  • Half-time Score ($50): Candace R., Cyrus G., Lonnie J., and Diane S.!
  • 3rd Quarter ($25): Shelly Q., Ricky R., Michaela P., and Maureen D.!
  • Final Score ($100): Tristan J., Jason P., James W., and Joseph M.!

2022 Winners

  • 1st Quarter Score ($25): Jesse L., Michael P., and Marah S.!
  • Half-time Score ($50): Matthew L., Carmen O., Nacole E.!
  • 3rd Quarter ($25): Sam M., Robert W., and Norman G.!
  • Final Score ($100): Matthew L., Carmen O., Nacole E.!


2021 Winners

  • 1st Quarter Score ($25): John M., Brenda B., and Cindy G!
  • Half-time Score ($50): Scott W., Robert M., and Michael S.
  • 3rd Quarter ($25): Marah S., Ashley A., and Robyn D.!
  • Final Score ($100): Marah S., Ashley A., and Robyn D.!